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Sponsorship Sources

Universal Subscription Services is continually building on relationships that support the Sponsorship Sold audit classification. As such, each of our sponsor partners have agreed to adhere to the most current requirements set forth by the Alliance for Audited Media and BPA Worldwide. This includes strict adherence to all guidelines and having all of the required documentation in terms of an invoice to the sponsor, a copy of their check as well as proof of cashiering and deposit.

Universal offers a host of sponsorship sold options...each with a sponsor partner that has a direct affinity with the magazine subscription recipient. A few of these sources include:

~ Employer / Employee sponsorship programs

~ Hotel Guest Opt-in programs

~ Hotel in-room/suite, lounge and spa placement

~ Cruise Line Programs

~ Airline Programs

~ Trade Show Attendees

~ Public Place / Reception Rooms

~ and many other venues...