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Subscription Commerce isn’t new…

but the modern Subscription Box is


A proven concept that complements and takes advantage of your existing assets.

Add a recurring revenue stream to your business while bringing the delight of relevant and targeted subscription boxes to your current and prospective customers.

We help retailers, magazine publishers and other formidable brands bring Subscription Boxes to existing and new customers.  The result: A new and highly profitable revenue stream, and a proven concept that complements and takes advantage of existing brand assets.

Universal Subscription Services offers a 100% turnkey entrée into the Subscription Box business.  Subscription commerce is one of the fastest growing online segments – with the Subscription Box industry generating billions of dollars in annual revenue. 

While the concept is not entirely new, based on the strong revenue potential /high margin financials many companies have considered the opportunity and are not quite sure where to start, or are currently having difficulty in pulling all the pieces together on a continual and consistent basis. 

We have been leaders in the subscription marketing sector for over 3 decades and have assembled a team of seasoned experts in the Subscription Box/Club sector to provide our clients a complete end-to-end solution on this exciting new concept – from strategy to execution, resulting in increased and new subscribers, reduced churn, and most of all increased revenues and profits. 

Our entire team has been leading the e-commerce and the evolving subscription commerce business and is often revered as true pioneers in the industry.  The success of this business solely relies on experience, an established and wide-reaching procurement network, marketing tools and overall fulfillment process – we have all of that.

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