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Partnership Subscriptions

Over the years, we have developed and fostered a number of relationships with organizations whereby we can roll a one-year (or shorter/longer) subscription into the consumer purchase. Our potential partners range from national and regional retailers, the hospitality industry, insurance companies, consumer product manufacturers and many others. Our goal over the past several years has been to develop personal relationships with these partner companies in order to have a suitable partner situation to match most all readership profiles.

Each program will have a letter of approval from AAM or BPA; and, meet all the necessary guidelines with regard to Partnerships and deductibility. It is no secret that (in today’s audit environment) these programs are difficult to put together and meet all of the audit requirements as well as the marketing strategies of our esteemed partners. All of us at Universal Subscription Services take the extra steps to ensure each program meets and exceeds the expectations of the publishing community as well as those of our corporate partner alliances.