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Acquisition and Magazine Marketing Sources


All Universal Subscription Services programs are designed to provide publishers with quality readers while working hard to build a solid subscriber base. Special attention to each promotion and source of subscribers is needed in today’s magazine environment. Maintaining and building the right mix of circulation through AAM  / BPA approved programs is becoming more than a full-time job. All programs offered by Universal Subscription Services are compliant with the Alliance for Audited Media and BPA Worldwide rules. All required documentation will be available for Audit.


Universal Subscription Services provides Direct Access Selling (DAS) directly to the consumer through our national selling network.  Typically, all orders are sold on a one-year subscription term; and therefore, all production is classified under the highly desirable sales channel ‘Individually Paid Subscriptions' on the AAM Audit Statement (Paragraph 8. C. (a)).

Through our experienced sales team, we have developed effective promotions for virtually any demographic (Spanish language included).  Each campaign is customized to the publishers' specific rate base management needs - with regard to production volume and timing of order delivery for fulfillment. 

The great majority of the (digital and print) orders are sold over the telephone with a smaller amount sold over the social media networks.  Over 90% of our orders are credit card paid and as such, we retain and have access to all financial transactions for Audit purposes.  This includes the individual subscribers' credit card information and well as the third party merchant processor's transaction data.  For all non-credit card orders, we retain the individual's account, a daily deposit report, tied to an internal deposit slip dated and matching the bank deposit date. 


Universal Subscription Services represents the majority of noteworthy publishers and desirable magazine titles. Universal specializes in the development of innovative magazine acquisition programs for large, medium and small publishers throughout the United States, as well as internationally. The primary sources of these new subscriber acquisition programs lies with exclusive and proprietary loyalty, affinity and partnership marketing arrangements with select non-publishing public and private companies.