Universal Subscription Services, LLC

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Innovative Publisher Subscription Acquisition Sources for:

  • Partnership Sold Subscriptions
  • Sponsorship Sold Subscriptions
  • Membership & Trade Association Sold Subscriptions
  • Trade Publications
  • Public Place Subscriptions
  • Hospitality Generated Subscriptions
  • Direct/Agent Sold Subscriptions
  • Digital Subscriptions


Universal's VISION:

Universal Subscription Services, L.L.C. is uniquely positioned to lend valuable resources in today's magazine publishing community. Through unmatched programs and marketing skills, exceptionally experienced management, and unbeatable customer support and service, Universal Subscription Services should be considered the new dominant and go-to source for magazine publishers seeking high-quality individual paid, deductible partnership and sponsored  magazine subscribers.

Universal's VALUES:

Universal Subscription Services employs the same corporate values that have served us so well throughout the years. That is Honesty, Fairness, and the fostering of long-term personal and business relationships with customers, magazine publishers and corporate partnership alliances.